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En Kungens Man

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Maria walks down the road to the village,
She sings and laughs at the larks in the sky.
She's on her way to the marketplace to sell some bread,
And the sun is rising, warm and big, and colours the sky red.

Then she meets a nobleman on a horse with a bushy mane.
He say's: I'm the king's man so I take what I want
And you are far too beautiful not to have a man,
Come with me into the woods and I'll show you what I can!

She's forced down in the grass and he touches her body.
She tries to get away and asks him for the love of god to stop
But the knight just laughs, intoxicated by his own glow.
So she grabs his knife and gives it a push and the knight is dead.

They put Maria in prison, and she was stoned to death for manslaughter
But the memory of the knight was celebrated each year.
Yes, the noblemen become heroes but ordinary people is being condemned
And we who see how it all really is learns that we've been dreaming!
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