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Golden time lover

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Failure concentraiting
Body/motor responses
Soul/ego shaking
Blur between daydreams
and awaking
Loss of control
And light are fading
No more ruminating
Shake the strife off your life
or keep on waiting.

That´s my situation
Can´t escape cause
to run is degradation
No expectations
Still i fight to bite temptation
Got to be brave as I unenclave
find the prize is my fixation,
I am still holding into my pride

Is this the shine of the wine
toasted victory
Or is it just a sad bitter
sigh of defeat
I´ll take it either way
If fate is just to play
I´m tying the strings up
starting today

Sound the chime golden time
Still perfection in it´s prime
Take your place poker face
Ready for the race

I will choose to refuse the illusion
And shatter the nightmare

Faking tame,pressure game
Win or lose it´s all the same
Ray the fine border line rapples to divine
If there´s any how many when
Will these games find an ender
What´s the last thing
I want to surrender?
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