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Listen Baby (Feat. Mashonda)

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[Chorus 2X: Mashonda]
When I'm all alone, cause you're not home
All I want you to do for me is - listen baby
Said you'd hold me down, but you're never around
Can you please just - listen baby

[Fat Joe - over Chorus]
Swizz Beatz!
Sing to me baby, uhh
Loretta I see you baby, yeah
Uh-huh, DFL
Stew, I see you too nigga

[Fat Joe]
Sit back, relax, Joe Crack's back
Joe Crack's that nigga ya other niggaz love to hate on
Players keep showin love so players play on
What Crack's preachin is CHUUCH, so niggaz pray on
Good heavens, had to wait for track seven
To adjust them fly dresses and high heel stilettos, yes
This vibe is perfect, I wonder
Maybe that's why four's the God's perfect number
And you're all my angels
Victoria's Secret insatiable, that's {?}
C'mon, get it together
My flight lands in a half an hour, we can do whatever


[Fat Joe - over Chorus]
Woo! Uhh
Yeah, uh-huh, talk to me baby
Don't catch feelings ma
You know what this is
Hahaha, bitch
Yeah, uhh, yo

[Fat Joe]
When you mad she's happy when she's sad she's glad
She ecstatic to see me and she's {?}
Too much of y'all for me to keep happy
Still and all y'all keep callin me daddy
I'm tryin to change it, similar to Alaskan skies
Midnight look like the sunrise
That means I, ain't budgin, I'm still the same
Same kisser, same hugger, same Joe Crack you love him
You do ma, admit it girl you trust him
To be back at that hotel suite crushin
And you just in time
To break me off before my hotel checkout time


[Fat Joe - over Chorus]
Hahahahaha, woo
We on tour right now
Yeah, talk to me baby, talk to me
Uhh, haha
I mean my D.C. girl, she don't like my V.A. girl
My A-T-L girl don't like my Cali baby

[Fat Joe]
Yo, I know ma, I see your vision
Fuckin with me is like an all-inclusive private island vacation
Woo - room service from the A.M. to the P.M.
All, night crushin this amazin human bein
Got you love struck, topic controversial
Cause when I'm gone you're lost like that Corona commercial
I know time is money still I can't reimburse you girl
For what you wear, that's the day I reverse you girl
You get your nails painted proper
Pull out the black Amex, I'll take you shoppin
But when it's time to go I disappear like Hoffa
I see you next time when I decide to pop up, I'm gone

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