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Its Over

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Yeh yeh you know it [3x]

[Singing] F.B.I.

Hey man F.B.I. [2x]

[Shawn Jay]
Say dem field mob cats relentless
Ashy to to classy's a classic
But they back wit vengence
The roota to the tooda
If you sleepin on us we gone wake 'em up BLAW
Cockadoodin like a rooster

[Hook:] it's over..it's all over [8x]

[Shawn Jay]
Is it cause we country
We easily under-appreciated
But when we rap, we snap and conquer wit lethal statements
And some of these heathens hatin
Or dumb for believin they can
Ever defeat us or make a come-up recievin bacon
I leave 'em shakin like the hands on muhammed ali
On the mic, I'm like the man muhammed ali
Box 'em in from the pressure, make it hard to breathe
Like dat gay guy wit tracks, I bob and weave
I aint arrogant, I aint conceaded
But field mob the shit the same name but now they seein
The hood gave us five mics but I aint achieve it
We too real, we flow from the gut, but I aint balemik
Indeed I'm an anemik, see so my eyein is needed
I's fire my heat quick
Field boys squeeze it
Like we makin OJ
You can bleed like ya dating O.J.
Shawn Jay and chevy p. we makin folk say

[Hook: (8x)]

I remember being the invisible
No one listen to so pitiful
Miserable, feelin blue
Felt ridiculed, cause kids wit two
Parents wit loot little G-piphanew
Fishingshoes,lent and cruise
Would get in groups
And pick and threw
Wit shit to do
But pick at who... me!
Im dat stupid, skinny dark-skinned dude
Wit the missin tooth
Who wouldnt do shit to you
We just sit in two
The back of the class
Write raps in his pad
His pencil to to his tablet
Listenin to little music instrumental tracks
And they laughed, wit shit to lose
He practiced and practiced
Wit no clue dat it would happens this fast
Made his presence, he quickly grew
Rapidly fast, sold packs for the cash
H03$ passing they ass
Like they then see me, now I'm rich they do
Went from moving more 50's than shady and dre
To coming up like masturbation on planes
Gotta save for the rain
But takin shawn first, to a jill scott concert
So he can hear the fat lady sing, cause its....

[Hook: (8x)]
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