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Soul On The Track

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Give me a beat, I'm gon melt it
I'm on this track so you felt it
I walk up in the club, got the green like I'm the celtics
Take my temp and you see that yo boi off the meter
This aint MTV but I give you all Maui Fever
Take a second, feel my heat, and you get that a/c
Fuckin with three bitches, call the shit a three-peat
Yo boi flame break you down, break you up, break you off
My heat so intense that my smoke make your blunt cough
I aint pretty ricky but my heat a real late night special
I'm so hot that I got sparks poppin off my pencil
People seem to love the way that me and j-roc ball
Call me the sun cuz I'm the biggest star of them all
(a real g cuz I burned it
I'm on this song so u learned it
I got klumps in my pocket as if my name was sherman) [x2]
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