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Call Him

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Yea... this your boy Flame
I'm going to do something a little bit different for ya'll

Call Him (talk to Him man)
Call Him (talk to Him man)
Come out the box a lil bit
I want you to know that you can talk to him man
Call Him (talk to Him man)
Call Him (talk to Him man)
Call Him
I know it's hard to let go
Swimming in sin
All you know is the death stroke
The broad road make you run out of petro
Reject the Holy Ghost and you're becoming a vessel
Of dishonor
Rejecting His honor
Lost in your sin
Can't find you like Osama
Yes I'mma address this issue
I must kick truth like I'm doing you Jujitsu
If you were Christ when Judas kissed you ditched you
Snitch to Jewish officials
To the point where it whipped and ripped through
Your tissue
Just to crucifix you
Would those be the ones you give ya unconditional love
though they spit on you
Lied, but you provide for them to get on through
Cause Christ died to rise for something He ain't do

Call Him
Though this world is fallen He can hear you calling
Call Him
Though this world is fallen He can hear you c-c-calling
Call Him
Though this world is fallen He can hear you calling
Call Him
(You ain't gotta die in ya sin)
Call Him
(You can know God
Come alive again!)

Let's take a look at the fall man
The one who came down and put His foot on the raw land
Gotta question... do you know who you are man?
Or do you assume that you can do what the Lord can?
I know it's hard fam trying to live life
Looking to the left and nobody is living right
Looking to the right everybody is living wrong
Like we living in a movie and doing it to a song
Are your influences throwing you in a zone?
Influence you to wrong and doing what you're most prone
You know Christ
He left His Heavenly home
Not just that He left His Heavenly throne
Just to bring Ebony home
Or whatever your name is
He definitely claims His
Plus exchanges filth and anguish
Guilt and pain and makes us stainless

Yea we born in this world in the curse creation... It's fallen
That's how we refer to creation... it's fallen
Man is the reason for crime
The reason for lies
The reason for dying
It's wrapped all in it
Yea it fell and it mean that we fall in it
And everything you see on the TV it ain't authentic
I'm trying to spit truth
Trying to cut the lights on
And pull you out the storm of life like the cyclone
See life ain't all about fun
I love the night life with all of my duns
But now in my life like the honor God's son
Shine like a bright light until Christ come
Used to think about fortune and fame
I blinked and day dreamed of me in a Range
But He rearrange my definition of what life is
While I called on Christ and His likeness
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