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We Appologize

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We apologize for doing people wrong
And we apologize but praying through a song
That His love will still be seen
And you can run to Jesus
Please forgive us for the things that you've seen
That took away from the beauty of the King
Guess what were saying is man he can fail u
But God He never will

Just perhaps through this rap song many come to see
One's who wouldn't even bother excepting our apology
Christianity's past ain't been perfect
Not always pleasant
Perhaps in the church
Some being hurt even in the present
I can honestly say with a sad face
And full of shame
Some horrible things have been done in Jesus' name
Those who claimed in the past
Some have even shed blood
Others simply felt judge
Others they never felt the love
That believers explained that Jesus freely came to give
Cause we made 'em feel dead when we said that they would live
Even seeing the sin professing Christians fell in
Like adultery, lies, money launder and sipping gin
Backstabbing, rape, racism the list goes on
But at the end of the day
All we can say is that it's wrong
And I know that a song can't take away all of the pain and the hurt
That you experienced when you first came to the church

Please allow me to say some give the Faith a bad name
And they counter with Christ consequently should bring change
Jesus said it like this
You can tell a tree by its fruit
If I plant an apple seed and a seed takes root
And it dies in the ground
Then apples are produced
I ain't trying to be deep
I'm just trying to speak the truth
So perhaps in your case you encounter one of the fakes
Who didn't display none of the fruit of Jesus' grace
And it shattered your world and everything was destroyed
You left Christianity
And was spiritually unemployed
You were working for the Lord
Your experience killed your joy
So now you ignore
Any mentioning of the Lord
I assure you there were many who are real
Who resemble the King and sympathize with what you feel
Who will walk with you life on life to God heals
That's if you're sincere
I guarantee that He will
He will for real

My last request
Don't take your pain out on Christ
Yea people'll fail you
But never in His life
Has He ever broke a promise
I promise He never will
These are not my words but the ones in His will
Have you looked at his life and seen the way we treated people?
He stood for what's right
Was just plus He judged evil
He healed the sick, the lame, plus He fed the poor
The perfect person
What person could ever ask for more?
But greater than these things
He came to die for sin
The spiritually dead state that sin through us in
But because He's the God man He's able to forgive
People like us and enable us to live
The most unique person to ever exist in human history
Has taken the time to reveal to us this mystery
That we too can be apart of this plan
Cause He loves us
Just put your heart in His hands
You can
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