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Gotta Notice

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We've got truth that you've gotta notice
To split seas like God and Moses
Best believe He's watchin' motives
Examine yourself then hand Him yourself
He speaks life so I can breathe now
Without Christ would have got the beat down
Was blind but I can see now
If you can too then you can move

First of all let me time myself
To put me on a strict schedule and to remind myself
Before I go to long without denying myself
Cause everyday I should be dying and crucifying myself
Yes homie and you should too
Be inclusive to the newness that He's brewing in you
And them communicable attributes that He's doing them through
Cause if you guilty of the crime He's going to be suin' you too
Ok that's why we gotta watch our motives
Cause when God's speaking gotta watch them shoulders
Cause we love to shrug them like we don't care
But if you blind you can look but can't see no where
So don't gamble with your soul like a casinos here
Just slow down and watch ya actions
Pick them again then lift Him up again and He'll draw all men from your actions


See I can only watch T.V. to a certain extent
Until I feel an urgent need to repent
Cause even the commercial now are all converted and perverted with sin
And you might slip if you ain't conversing with Him
Cause when I saw myself
Dawg I wanted to saw myself
Immediately it grieved me and wanted to insult myself
Whatever made me think to exalt myself
Now He's gleaning and cleaning me and now I'm salt myself
So what we living all reckless for
Ever seen a Buick with a Lexus door
That kind of whip will perplex a boy
That's how it is when you don't consider what the text is for
I ask the Lord to correct a boy
And constantly making my calling and election sure
Until we die we should rep the Lord
For the same reason Paul got arrested for yo


You can still work out your faith with fear and tremblin'
In fitted hats sincere in Timberlands
If you examining and ain't sittin' there panicing
Like a mannequin knowing you in need of an ambulance
It's alright man to move and rock
As long as you in love with God when the music stop
I'm trying to see if we got some soldiers
In the building repin' God Jehovah
Or YHWH if it's better translated
I bet you'll pass if you let a man grade
What's that fam the test of life
The test of righteousness in spite of the risk but if
God be judge
How would He see the grudge
Would He see you or see His Son
Ask yourself before Jesus comes
Back like the slacks with pleats in the front

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