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You heard the sun today
There she blows, there she blows
You saw the wind ashining
You dont know, you dont know
You felt a tree that does fall
You dont know, thats ok
You dont have much taste for bouquet

Im bored with the valleys and bored with the peaks
So I bought a ticket to the freaks
I saw a chicken with two heads
Saw something else that was headless
Then p.t. said see the egress
cause you move when the salesman speaks
I superabound
But I still got nothing to do

A space is made by telephone
They thought time would be overthrown
And they compiled a wish list
From mars duels to a dish kissed
I tried to talk to the ishist
But he was debating with his clone
I superabound
But I still got nothing to do
Well, they thought it was a coup
But they still got nothing to do

You must see my domicile
I had it built in decastyle
The other day at the potlach
Come visiting was a sasquatch
He said although Im a mismatch
Could I stay just for awhile?
cause the likes of us are few
And we still got nothing to do
I superabound
But I still got nothing to do
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