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Gd Up

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(hook-50 cent)

(aahh, yeah, uh huh)
aint it amazing how crazy the hood dun made me
feels like my emotions are froze
(I stay g'd up)
its the thangs i dun seen
and the shit i been through that make my heart turn cold
(i stay g'd up)
im a gangsta you'll find out fa sho if u eva step on my toes
(i stay g'd up)
when im hangin out that window with that ak
fillin yo punk ass wit holes
(i stay g'd up)

(1st verse, 50 cent)

cocaine, heroine,ecstacy,marijuana
im new on the grey hound from NY ta the carolinas
paper chase different names same face
dont catch a case
my roll dawgs on paroll
baby girls four years old we play the block
pistol cocked
you either shoot or get shot
can you feel yo crack spot
take everything yo ass got
simi-automatic spay
bust back or run away
niggas talkin in the hood
we'll handle 'em some other day
in November we make my shit that u did you can catch
on christmas ill send you a gift niggas
ill come and leave yo ass twisted
them hollow tip shells burn baby burn
I seen niggas get murked
they babies born then the world turns
i seen it all crystal clear
so i keep my pistol near
hearts never full of fear
homie i stay well aware
on whats goin on around me
mutha fuckas want me dead
i go with a smile on my face when its my time kid

(hook 1x)

(2nd verse, lloyd banks)

Lord nigga i dun paid the way
yall should thank 'em
but if you think otherwise
bring ya boy over here so i could spank him
ill put an end to yo career bitch
before you speak on 50
buy 40 and a spare clip
these niggas gassed up
gettin too used to rap
like i wont give em more blood clots than supercat
niggas'll snatch ya
im like a back catcha
nigga ill give ya a sign and then throw sumthin atcha
'round here niggas die off hydro
and even when it aint 4th of july i sound like pyro
we smart enough to creep and lay ya dumb brains down
a pound will spin you around like the young james brown (yea)
i know im hot but hey (hey)
im icy too rocks will hit you from a block away
like a beat from dr. dre
we're takin over this year
the kings and the soldiaz is here
everyone knows that ya scared (YEA)

(hook 1x)

Young Buck

My poppa never bothered to show me what is was to be a man
he'd just pop another bottle and smoke up a half a gram
i would hop in my impala and ride all through the night
they gave my home boy life
so when you do it do it right
my fingernails still filled with cocaine residue
I still got the heart to go and bust me a head or two
no other solution you think we're hollin and hootin
until you wake up, and then you got to hear bout the shootins
I take a pull from a loose one and put the clip in my pocket
before i take another bullet im gon pull it and pop it
and if theres beaf my nigga then letcha guns do ya talkin
the graveyard, has got plenty of room for a coffin
they say that we responsible for boostin the crime rate
they say that we the reason why these young niggas buyin weight
but im gon keep this glock on my waist till my dyin day
its nothin but a G thang, g-unit and dr. dre

(hook 1x)
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