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[Lil Fame]

Here comes the revolutionist, executionist

Flip a triple six into three nines, cause a crucifix

Each man holdin, no man foldin

Coast is clear and Premier's in the green tank rollin

Prepare, get on your post and stand clear

They wantin to shut us down but the home team's here

What? You act like you're sweet or something

This ain't no Desert Storm bullshit war, we all dumpin

CODENAME, Jamel wit non-strap

Wit six clips of teflon, suited in camoflagued

Got kevlar helmets wit masses

Wearin mob gear in cause they try to infumigate us wit gases

MISSION--to seek and destroy

We were sent to get rid of you, make the situation critical

First Family will gradually, lift that ass up like gravity

And turn your body frame into a cavity

NFO--that's No Fair Ones

Watch me nine milly turn into a flare gun

Sparkin wit the same marksman

Known for gunnin and runnin and bombin

Wit the ?lyrics? squeeze of my gun barkin, YA HEARD!!

You know my family style

I'm goin out wit my gun in my hand like Big Mal

I ain't got nuttin to lose, so move on me if there's something to prove, fool

This is war


"There's a war goin on outside no man is safe from" [Prodigy]

"So what you gonna do since you know now"

"There's a war goin on outside" "It's impossible to stop" [Guru]


This world's a twisted maze, but I got the swiftest blades

My swords they can slice and dice precise ways

Those who come against me, can get blazed, sprayed and laid

No trace, just a glimpse of my face, hittin the shade

You look up, there's a full moon in the sky

And all my would-be enemies, yeah they're soon to die

Livin in this warzone, we frequent fly at home

Many of us grow violent prone, ain't tryin to be dyin alone

So I'ma take the competition wit me, Lord forgive me

But a whole bunch, of blood-suckin punks, is out to get me

In a flash of a moment, I slash vital components

Tryin to scheme on me and my team bitch, you know we own this

We can scrap, wit guns, knives, chains and bats

Whatever baby, erase that ass quick fast off the map

Plus they better bring, medical attention after I swing my weapon

Won't be no recovery, no divine intervention

No prevention, from gettin hung in the streets where I'm from

'Nuff blood shed, this war's just begun

Chorus scratched and cut up 2x

[Billy Danze]

How many predators out there that want me

That's how I stand off, NOW

I come to diminsh every one of you blood suckers

Hands off, lay em down NOW

ALL CULPRITS, be alarmed

First Officer Danze reportin for 'Nam

When I'm bringin the storm, I'm all in

Yes I done stepped in the chest of many men

THEN AGAIN, it's a part of my persona like puff stumps and marijuana

IIAAAH, ?soutch? em out,FIRE

>From all angles, that's how we was trained

Either slay or be slain, it's in the game for my soul

To be as cold as the blood in my vein

Knowin my name, help niggas perform abnorm

FIRST FAMILY, let's get it on

Just keep in mind I'm a marksman, I'm sensitive about that there

So you better watch what you say to me, hear?

PLAY WIT EM fierce, know where to run

So I post and defend, forgive me Father I may sin

And thou shall remember the code of the street

(Hold heat), roll deep, (don't sleep) or you'll be murdered

Since I've arrived I learned how to survive on this earth

Holdin down this turf, now I declare WAR!!

"There's a war goin on outside no man is safe from"

"It's impossible to stop" (YEAH!)

"There's a war goin on outside" "It's impossible to stop"
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