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The Lake Ladoga Massacre

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One last natural obstacle
The Luga river crossed
Determined to take Leningrad
No matter the cost
Not the final storm attack
Awe and disbelief
Build up the surrounding
A city under siege

Man the ramparts
and the barricades
Attempts fail to break
through this blockade
In a circle of hostility
Easy target for artillery

Intruder fire
comes from everywhere
completely unprepared
Provision depots go up in flames
Replenishments burn down
whilst on their way

Stocks increasing, low rations
In the clasp of starvation
Famine stirs up apathy
Hunger seals their destiny

Skeletons once humans
Consuming saw-dust bread
Meal of glue a substitute
As they starve to death
With all windows broken
It begins to freeze
Starvelings collapsing
Bodies pave the street

Over Lake Ladoga
Logistics on the ice
Evacuate the wounded
Bringing in supplies
900 days it lasted
The brutal cruel bloodshed
The massacred children
Never to forget
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