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Code breakers forewarning the movement
Midway the decisive defeat
Inflicting irreparable damage
Ambushing the imperial fleet

Preparing to neutralize the strongpoints
Launching the Pacific campaign
Invade this remote archipelago
Islands of which no-one knew their names

This godforsaken outpost
They must hold at any cost
"Say a prayer for your pal
At Guadalcanal"

Primitive first langings
Ashore the Solomons
The 1st Marine Division
Holding tight their guns
Witnessing how four Destroyers
Sank deep in The Slot
Then; grim realization
That they were left to rot

Night Rat Transportation
The Tokyo Express
Delivering reinforcements
To slay the Leathernecks
Dug in round Henderson Field
On roots they survived
Standing firm on Bloody Nose
Till relief arrived
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