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Unsung Heroes

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Catastrophe at Bataan
Finished gallant stand
First encounter made
Those they fought Valiant
With high forced tempo
The infamous death March
Kicking, beatings, stabbings
Merciless guards

Without food or water
Not allowed to rest
Constant molestations
The heat intense
Bewildered men
With loss of thousands
Assembled in camps

Emaciated corpses
Depressed environment
Deteriorating carcasses
Malnutrition ailments
Nightmare of captivity
This condition is Hell
General debilitation
Repulsive smells

Herded into holds
Destination Japan
Space inadequate
Lack of oxygen
Crazed by dehydration
Shivering from cold
Dying of pneumonia
Or US torpedoes

No medication

Day of liberation
Some fortunate survived
Lived to tell their tales
Traumatized for life

No medal or promotion
We must never forget
All those unsung heroes
Forever we're in debt
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