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PURSUE THE TRUTH (with the crew)

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How can I pursue the truth,
When they can block each step I take ?

Henry, you have come too far-
Remember what you have at stake !

John, I know I'm right !
I must let my vision guide me !
I'm so weary of the fight !
There's so little left inside me !

If you know that you are right,
Then you've got to see it through,
You've got to see it through !

Seven years ago,
I started out on this alone,
Now it's alone I'll see it through
To its conclusion !

Who are they
To judge what I am doing ?
They know nothing
Of the endless possibilities I see !
It's ludicrous I'm bound by their decision !

Seems vision
Is a word
They've never heard !

If it mattered less,
I'd treat them with derision-
It's absurd !

And yet, the fact remains.
Those bastards hold the reins !
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