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Somehow I have to get back
To the place where my journey started,
Find the course I charted,
When I first departed !

Somehow I have to hang on
To the vision that first inspired me,
To the hope that fired me,
When the world admired me !

I'll find a way back to the higher ground,
And see the view I saw before !
I'll search the world
Until the answer's found-
Turn my despair around
Forevermore !

Somehow I've got to rebuild
All the dreams that the winds have scattered,
From what fate has shattered-
I'll retrieve what mattered !

Somehow I've got to go on
Till the evil has been defeated-
Till my work's completed-
I will not be cheated !

God you must help me carry on !
When it seems all hope has gone,
I have got to carry on !
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