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And there's still no rest...
For those who live in glory of their past lives!

Blades shines bright horizon to horizon,
Without a cloud in sight, space itself seeps sanguine,
This is my poem to enlightenment,
I'm here to bring new extinction to the world!

The air is turning into endothermic blast!

There's still no way...
To wake up from slumber of thy past lives!

The core implodes in gravity's embrace,
Nuclear runaway fuses atoms from hell(ium) to iron,
The soil screams, sears the sky with shockwaves,
Flings death's fertile ash across the void!

The world is turning into endothermic blast!

If tomorrow is promised, why does it hold a gun to its head?
Who said this day would ever come?

[Solo: Destroyer]

Mighty Erebos! Heal my wounds!
Mighty Erebos! Heal my soul!
Mighty Erebos! Heal my conscience!
Mighty Erebos! The whole sky is bleeding red...

The black clouds, they spill out rains of blood!
Now anyone can see one true God,
Monarch to the kingdom of no end,
Holding burning torch in Her hand...
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