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The core shrinks in gravity's embrace,
Too blind to ee how amazing is the sun,
The air somniferous, the sultry eyes of god,
Too blind to see how amazing it explodes...

Too scared to breathe transsubstance,
The holy and the divine with a big black hole in his head,
No time to blink, no time to reveal,
No time to think of the true meaning of pain....

God's word is a poised dagger,
When he stabs, he never forgets to twist....


It's the way the world will end,
We line up in a row
To see nothing but the black,
The black horizon!
Drink blood from a Jesus' cup,
To meet enlightenment,
We line up in a row,
To face the final guillotine....

May the world explode in endothermic glory,
May the sun erase our story,
I am the tree connected to the stars
I'm the spirit in which I will last...

I shed the blood that filled the river wide,
Only to feel the sun burn my heart dry,
For I am the tree connected to the earth,
I'm the spirit in which I expand....

Solo: Destoryer

Repeat Chorus
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