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Summer Trip

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The 20 th of June is summer day, I have to go outside…the birds are flying, I’m o.k.
The river is silver in sunny day, I have to jump there papa…It’s so nice I swim away
I’m free and that’s o.k., I’ll také you for nice trip in this warm day
We are free and that’s o.k., Summer is our time so do it right

Now I’m sitting next to you, your skin smells like a flower, so touch me quietly and let your soul to disolve in me
Are you worried about it, don’t be affraid I’m with you and let me know if you are a right woman for me
Give me your soul, give me your line…..don’t lie to me just check it out now
Give me your soul, give me your love, the sun is watching you so do it right


Summer day is calling
Summer day is falling
Are you sure that’s o.k.
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