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Your Choice

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I’m standing here and my hands are clean, what do you think about it…don’t tell me lies, I’m not a clown, I have so much, I’m alive
I need a time to remove your light, give me a piece of you…your life is a gear, také a place and hear, hear who I am and trust me
Trust me and fell the way, trust me and see the light that’s shining


Pray, when you hear my voice
Yeas , it’s your finally choice Now!
Are you o.k.? Now you know the way, I’m thinking of you and I’m smiling...your life is a gift, you can see me, we are both sunny persons
I need a time to stay alive, you need a piece of my heart…your life is a gear, také a pace and hear, hear who I am and trus me
I am alive and i breathe, you are alive so trust me
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