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No escape now from the butcher's tango
Dancing daggers whisper steely hellos
White-suited soldiers on the march to help me
Promise relief, but it's already scalped me

Who is this terrorist
This kamikaze in my brain?
The sadist won't give in
He cracks the whip and screams my name

Leave me the hell alone
Caught in a suffering that won't let go
Can't stand this pain
Stuck in the twilight zone
I've got to fight the devil on my own
Please leave me the hell alone

Falling deeper down the rabbit's hole now
For reprieve, I swear I'd sell my soul now
Teeth are grinding, want to smash my skull in
Eyes are blinded by a freak incision

Who is this terrorist
This hijacker inside my brain?
A serpent coiled tight
With rusty scales of razorblades


Bleed me
Leave me dry
Oh, God, I'd rather die
Than live with this sick kiss
This waking nightmare life

I mutilate myself
Distracting from the ache
The agony is fierce
It's causing me to break

I’d run a thousand miles
Just running to escape
The agony is fierce
It’s more than I can take

Who is this terrorist
This nihilist inside my brain?
The pirate's mutiny
Is savage in its crooked game

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