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Tarnished Silver

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Sleep, my tarnished silver
Let me dull you once again
And let our battle end
Sleep, my snowless winter
Let me warm you once before I go
And I'll pretend to know and understand

Sleep, my fallen cedar
Let me have your weakened pride to hold
And join my barren soil
Sleep, my aimless river
Let your torrent rest against my shore
And leave me what was washed away before

Time's been kind to you, my love
As the world had never been
Kinder than to me
Strange, the things that we regret
You wanted me to leave
I found enough to give you that

Sleep, my darkened chapel
Let me kneel before you now, as then
Unworthy as I am
Sleep, my flameless shadow
Let me cool the lingering fires of old
And carry only ashes in my soul

Sleep, my tarnished silver
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