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Breaking Into Heaven

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Someone said there's a lost horizon
We must find a way to the throne
Take his gold and the bed he lies on
No mercy from hearts made of stone

Before the fall we were only dancers
Angels gliding over the floor
Time stood still and we were sure of the answers
We waited but some wanted more

High above the world we had it all
So no one seemed to care
When evil came to call and
Soon we knew temptation and we sinned
Then he closed the door
We can't come back again

Before today it was a dark tomorrow
Chained and cursed to wander with man
But we've been told
That it's time and we must go
Does hopeless mean maybe we can

Now we're back again we want it all
And no one seems to know
That evil's come to call and
We will bring temptation and you'll sin
Then we'll slam the door
You can't come back again

Breaking into heaven - changing the rules
Breaking into heaven - just a world full of fools
Breaking into heaven - get ready for war
Breaking into heaven - we only want more and more and more and more

Far beneath the world we missed the sun
Why did we believe it shines on everyone so
Now we're here to take away your light
So you can go forever where the next day's still tonight


We're ready for war
We're just outside your door
Breaking into heaven
We've just found the keys
And we're breaking into heaven
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