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The Fire

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The grass is green today,
here where my brothers lay.
Buried in this goddanm ground,
where I lost my life forever too.
How can it be?

The sun, it shines today over fieds and hills
where we lived in the mud,
where we heard the thunder
we met the beast of mandkind
as we arched into the fire.

No light, no wind, no calm
It was no place on earth at all.
One by one my comrades died,
sacrificed in the battle of brothers.
Thrown into the fire
to make a few meters of land.

We left our homes with a smile,
as we arched to the music
as we said farewell to our beloved,
we felt like heroes so high awaited glory
and honor
became cheap canonfodder
instead the few, who returned are broken forever
rain washed away our blood
our cries gone with the wind
but forever in my head,
My soul has burned in the fire,
I had the hell on earth.
Will you remember?
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