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Paint The Sky

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Without you I am lost
Your words a calm embrace
I gave up everything for the chance
And these scars are my reward
Tell me what it takes
To be the man I want to be
Tell me the words to speak
So I can do no wrong
The streets are calling to us
The expanse where I lay to rest
So close you see the whites of my eyes
What lies behind is yours
Your words ring in my ears
Your touch burns my skin
Let thoughts paint the sky
So I can feel my worth
Let your fears be winged
Take to flight to catch me
The land the ocean the distance
The beauty of creation lies ahead
Tear off your skin
To reveal fragile bones
That lie underneath
You're so easy to break
As a spark to scorched earth
One small flame leads to fires
"Make not dreams my master"
"Make not thoughts my aim"
"I have met with triumph and disaster"
"And treated them (just) the same"
"Bear to hear the truth I've spoken"
"Mine is the earth and everything within"

We were the fallen
We take to flight

[Words in "" are taken from 'If' by Rudyard Kipling]
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