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Raise Your Drinkin' Glass

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We are more than meets the eyes tonight, you know I know my part
There are no sounds around us now.. can you hear my heart?

Now it burns like a star..I lose myself on your lips
and you light up my spark
It's only you and me...it’s our party my dear...
we don't need nothing else

I've been waiting for this crazy night to come

[RIT] Raise your drinkin' glass - take me higher
take a shot and take me to the stars
Raise your drinkin' glass - give me fire Yeee Oooh

Hold me and touch me my dear..let our senses free
the world around disappears
From a dark hotel room to the heaven above
Here we are, We are one

I've been waiting for this crazy night to come


My little sin
Now drink a toast to me
It's a pleasant fight without any wounds
You turn me up and down
I’m spinning round and round
Can you feel my pleasure? yeah yeah yeah yeah!

When your lips are on me baby I lose my senses
you are my angel so please come with me
Baby when your fingers touch me and your glances
caress my soul, please don’t let me be free - don’t let me be free

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