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Finding Something to Do

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I could see our fingers all intertwined
With all your wrinkles perfectly suiting mine
Oh, somewhere down the line

Probably we'd run out of things to do
Holding onto what's left of our fleeting youth
But what else can you do?

Driving home tonight
I didn't see the light
I was just watching you sleep in shotgun
I could have crashed the car

I could tell our summer was just in bloom
Opened up the windows in the bedroom
When you woke me up at noon

I was waiting for summer to turn to fall
Sick and tired of everything moving at a crawl
If it moved at all

As long as there's something to see
I'll see it with you
As long as the days can seem
We'll find something to do
And if ever your love should leave
Just swear you'll follow through
And I swear I'll always follow you

You have spent your better years bored with me
Sat about waiting for eventually which I can't wait to see
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