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Eat your death

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Within the walls are the confined and tortured,

A life in living hell they await their death,

Their corpse become products in markets,

Fast food entrees and packed lunches,

What does this say of our logic?

Got no respect for life,

Why must we kill to live?

I never wanted to hurt anyone or anything,

All I needed to do was just stop and think,

Do I want to be a part of this?

Eating the dead isn’t something I miss!

A feast upon flesh,

A creature that kills for the taste,

What civilized people with such disregard.

Body parts in the oven,

Smells like fuckin home cookin!

The charred remains on the table,

The family holds hands in prayer…

I’m not self righteous I just give a fuck,

Got something to prove to only myself,

A measurement of my ability,

to overcome our most savage mistakes.
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