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The ever fading afterglow

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It’s all in me but I can’t get the right words out,

Been trying to so long that I forgot what I believe,

The longer I go without it the more it brings me down,

The feeling that I’ve lost all that I’m made of,

What if I can’t get it back?

From deep inside and through your eyes it is incredible,

To feel it coming!

The dwelling doubt subsides and all is calm,

But still the pages long for more,

Tell me I don’t stand a chance in vein,

To believe all I’ve witnessed every killing breath,

Until we love ourselves,

Only then will this story be fit to tell,

Cause if in awe we cant portray its rightful meaning we will stay,

Of war and peace,

The light of one warm embrace,

Don’t let it become your worst enemy,

Go run and tell of what you’ve seen,

Believe it isn’t right,

Tell me it’s not for real,

Life as we made it…
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