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Tidal Wave

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Getting with the tides ultra fleeting and united,

Parading sets,

You’re riding with the big tidal waves!

Hit the bank, cruzin’ through the last generations,

Throw the paddles on the stern and make wake!

No break tide, no break tide buddy!

Meet the wrath of externalities,

Tuck roll breath!

Spilling out into the raging sea,

Tuck roll breath!

We’ll leave the shit we didn’t need for someone else,

And take the current to the next port!

Sailing through the outer rim,

I look across the rising swell and see no sign of man,

Just a shit load of debris,

What the fuck is goin on?

Whats left to save when the oceans blue is filled with graves?

Tuck roll breath!

Spit it out and choke it down again!

Tuck roll breath!

This is what has become of your name,

How fucking pathetic.
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