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Hail All Hail

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Hail this glorious Easter morning,
Night has fled away,
O'er the eastern hills the dawning
Breaks in light of day.
Sun and cloud their beauty blending,
Easter memories sing,
Flowers sweet their fragrance lending,
Hail with your joy your risen King!


Hail, all hail this Easter morning,
Hail, all hail this day of days!
Hail, all hail the sight adorning;
Hail, all hail the songs of praise!

Hail! O earth, your risen Savior,
For today He rose'
Conqueror of death forever,
Triumphed o'er His foes.
Hail again your Savior glorious,
Richest tribute bring;
Over all the world victorious,
Hail, all hail your risen King!


Sound aloud the Easter chorus,
Send the news afar,
While in glory shining o'er us,
Beams our Morning Star.
Songs of joy, and peace, and gladness,
Let our voices sing;
Cheer each heart and banish sadness,
While we hail our risen King.

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