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Arayn Adrian

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Paranoid and schizophrenic
Self-obsessed and photogenic
Believer in the new eugenics
Follower of Galton
Ingester of pure probiotics
Swearing by design narcotics
More than just a tad psychotic
Vanity is dreary
High maintenance and self-obsessed
No-one else has been depressed
Beautiful, but quite a mess
Prozac is your savoir
‘Look at me, just look at me
There’s no-one like me, can’t you see’
I see inside you perfectly
I’ve seen it all before

Adrian, though you can light up the way
Bright, shining stars can’t been seen in the day

Narcissist beyond belief
Expert in self-hand relief
Poor, deluded, crazy freak
Love to you is hateful
Gatherer of social ties
A-List friends with vacant minds
Abusers of expensive highs
Have some fun then burn out

Adrian, though you can light the way
Bright, shining stars loose their spark in the day
Adrian, though you can live for today
You’ll find tomorrow is like yesterday.
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