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The Fallen

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We disappoint you, just to spite you
Destroy harmony and peace
Disintegrate the natural state
And feed our anarchistic needs
The Fallen have no need of flattery
And desire no hollow praise
We let you down, can’t reach your standards
With our sociopathic ways

The Fallen shall rise

The dreams you dream are for your dreaming
Our are different by design
A blueprint for the perfect lifestyle
Can’t come only in one size

The Fallen shall rise

Raise the bat, we slip below it
Lower it, and still we fail
We drink deep from the cup of life
You say you have the Holy Grail

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
What deceives you clarifies
What steals liberty gives freedom
What they destroy will never die
What falls most can rise the highest
What seems perfect is most flawed
Those who’ve fallen find their heaven
And will always be adored.
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