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Decaying Beauty

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Flesh of my flesh
Bone of my bone
A body is merely
A shell for the soul

Colours changing, body fading
Flesh and blood and bone decaying
Stumbling, falling, limbs now failing
Not much more from life remaining
Weaker now, I feel us slipping
Youth and beauty fade from view
Steady me, my fingers gripping
Hold me while I fall to you

Hold me closer
What is happening to us?
Hold me closer
Can't lose you again

See your flesh, it's growing thinner
See your bones, they're shining through
See your teeth in lipless grin
And see the fear I feel for you

Hold me closer
How I love you dearly
Hold me closer
Love will never die
Hold me closer
You must never fear me
Hold me closer
We're one, you and I

Flesh to flesh, I need you near me
Bodies fail, but love remains
Bone to bone, I see so clearly
With our love we're still the same
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