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Underneath a harvest moon
Come and hear a wytches rune
Air and water, earth and fire
Give to me my heart's desire
Give me love and astral flight
Give me darkness, give me light
Dance with fury, wild abandon
Circle spinning round and round
Fire burning, circle turning
ever faster round and round
Join your sisters and your brothers
spin the rune and touch the ground
Spin your wishes, spin your magick
spin with trance-like ecstasy
Spin desire, spiral higher
catch your breath and all fall down
North and south and east and west
Let the sacred place be blessed
In a circle, round and round
Lift me up and take me down
Fire bright and fire burn
Let my wheel of fortune turn
Show me who will love me madly
Show his face, I'll love him gladly
Queen of wytches, hear my call
Come to earth to save us all
Oh, great horned god of goats and men
Come to earth, return again
Let the thunder give you youth
Let the fire give me truth
Free my mind of senseless trivia
Ecstasy and joy deliver
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