Texty písní Inquisition Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult Empire Of Luciferian Race

Empire Of Luciferian Race

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Empire Of Luciferian Race

Rise... Pagan Ones Rise...
Satans Sons Rise...
Shields and Swords Rise...

Sounds of War
Destroy realms of Light burning heavens throne reigning ancient ways new world here to stay
Satan lives, Satan lives, Satan lives, Satan lives

Rise... Red Eye Beast Rise...
Lord of Night Rise...
Fullmoon God Rise...

Black Abyss
Open Seven Gates stand high knowledge ones Fire summons thee we are the new breed.
Satan lives, Satan lives, Satan lives, Satan lives.

Legions marching
War Drums beating
Weapons striking
Christians falling
New World reigning
Pagan Victory

In the name of Satan, Lucifer and Baal
Hail the ancient and their mighty realm
I raise the torches flaming high above
Lord of Nature I worship thee
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