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Far out in the horizon
We're hundred thousand men,
The war gets closer everyday.
Our women and the older believe this is the end,
They're right - There is no other way!

'Cause we all - Will make us fall,
We're so proud - But yet so small.
And we all - Are standing tall,
But we'll know - This war will take us all...

Man is so small - one day we'll fall
We are not strong - enough to save it all!

We're bringing to our world,
Selfishness and greed.
But can we always carry on?
We're changing our history
When peace is what we need.
The end is big enough for the blind to see...

Is it really true that a saviour is living among us,
Just waiting for the right time to save us from ourselves?
Or can it be that we are already doomed,
To live long enough to see the end?
Well, I believe that the phenomena of nature
Will bring us down below.
But then one day mankind will be strong enough to rise with the sun,
And for all eternity live in peace...
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