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Something malicious
hides in the black
and it's about to attack
The forces are gathering
we're riding tonight
for the sake of makind

infernal destruction
is marking the trace
planets and worlds in a blaze
Blood will be sheded
and lives will be lost
bold we will stand at all costs

Godess of war
you shall bless us tonight
give us the power to win
Give us the strenght
and the courage to fight
though we shall never give in

We're standing strong
to carry on
until the end of all
until the tyrant falls
tenthousand ride
tenthousand will fight
out on the killing ground
ironbound we unite

A monster is forcing it's way
through our rows
unrelenting it grows
seeking control
of body and mind
leaving just wasteland behind

Savior, giant of steel
lead us to victory
The Knights of Atlantis
are raising the sword
warriors for liberty

We're standing strong
ironbound we unite

Armys are smashing
the titans are clashing
Fire is burning the air
cosmic inferno
of blood and brutality
far beyond any compare

Savior, giant of steel
We're standing strong

out on the killing ground
we will unite
we will fight
we shall be standing strong
we will unite
oh, we shall fight until the end
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