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I´ve seen the world
Been to many places
Made lots of friends
Many different races

I´ve had such fun
Around the world it´s true
African skies with a Nairobi mood
I fell asleep in Tuscany and dreamed
The one thing missing was you

Runaway with me my love
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...

I woke up with an Australian breeze
And danced the dance with Aborigines
Oh under the moon glow down in Mexico
I dreamed
One thing was missing that´s you


We´ll sail the waters of many colors
We won´t need a compass
Love will guide our way
Don´t need nobody
Long as we got each other
No need to hurry
We´ve got everyday

I wanna share the world with you
You see
Spring time in Paris feels so good to me
Oh this is for me reality
So please make all my wishes come true


And I just know we´ll have a good time...
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