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Be my lover, be my baby, be my wonderdrug
Be my flower, weeping silver tears on
a rusted heart
Don't say a word, just let me kiss it
all away
No more sorrow, no more sadness no more
Be my lover, baby you just got to want me
I don't know, can't think, not even breathing
Be my blood stained suit of armor, be my everything
Don't say you love me 'cause I don't care
I love you more than you will ever know
No more worry, no more trouble, no more sadness
And no more sorrow
Oh my heart shines when you kiss my mouth
what a sweet suprise
And I stop cold when you're in the room
And you look my way
Say my name, say my name
Be my lover. Be my, be my baby
Be my wonderdrug my wonderdrug
my wonderdrug Be my, be my baby
Be my lover
Be my wonderdrug
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