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Who Is Kamaljit

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(end of me against myself)
(baby wailing)
ahh mrs Jhooti i pleased to see that you have given birth to a healthy baby boy,
what are you going to call him?,
umm i think im going to call him kamaljit,
ahh kamaljit what a..what a lovely name.
who the hell is kamaljit,
imma just tell you it how it is,
ive been doin this since i was a kid,
so im given you all i gotta give,

who the hell is kamaljit,
ever since stepping in the game,
I know life will never be the same,
but theres some things that will never change.

Back in the day when i was just a little minor,
before my mother even spat me out of her vagina,
i was swimming in my daddys sack with a book in my hand,
when i focused and spotted a mic behind the prostate gland,
i picked it up causiously but it magnatised me suprised me
had to fight the powers like the islye,
memorised rhymes but kept loosing them all,
so i scribbeled them down on my mothers uterus wall

10 years went by and i went down in history,
like superman my composition was a mystery
i was true, and other kids were learning the alphabet,
but i was revising schemes to make the cash i was out to get,
only 3 and already my rhymes were out to win,
my shit was dropped so hard that even pampers couldnt hold it in,
branded a genious by lyricist and scientist
only six and i was lecturing my alliances
even einstein came to knock upon my door,
was pissed off cause i had updated his formula
my E stood for excellence and replaced the MC squared for MC jay sean,
change and no one even dared scared
cause i went on to steal his nobel prize
for being the youngest muther fucking genious alive.


i aint a gangsta,
i aint a hoodrat,
i aint a thug
and i dont call girls pigeons so i aint no scrub,
i aint talkin about gats or 44's,
and i dont do drive bys or rob or break no laws,
and i aint perfect
and aint saying i got no flaws,
actually scratch that im lying yo pause
i aint a junkie so i never touched the crack
i aint never took an E its true or ever smoked a sack
and i aint rich so i dont drive a lex or a benz
jeep or a beemer just an escort my friends
and i aint from the hood
i even went to private school
so i aint had to ever watch my back from round the walls
i aint had it hard never had a knife pulled on the streets
never hustled on the street or lived a life as a G
i aint stood on the pavement hungry and rapped for cash
and i aint ever clamied that i was ever strapped with gats
and i aint black yo you dont have to be black to rap
just look at eminem triple platinum and thats a fact.


i aint smoking cigars sippin moet all day
and i aint dealin with more bitches than the R.S.P.C.A
i aint a yankee im cokney like scuze me gezza
and i aint chillin with naked girls in a jukazi either,
i aint on don P why give me a bacardi brezzer
aint got diamonds just some ice in my frezzer
i aint got hydrolics on my ride cant even come close
last time i tryed i mashed the clutch up and it damn broke
i aint braggin but i got skills when i rhyme
and i aint blaggin but you through if you be stealing my rhymes
and im the first to admit that often i curse and spit
at you white mc's how much worse can it get
im not that famous that i cant pop to the shops
just cause last year i performed on top of the pops
mtv cribs forget it i got nothing to boast
truth is im still living at home with the folks


i aint black
i swear he said his name was jay sean you know
nah nah in that me against myself he said his name was gay porn and that
wha, nah man jay sean
back in the day he used to be called mc mikky jay doin his rappin ting
i dont know i think hes a bit confused and that innit
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