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Baltic Ballet

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Remember the curse we called sixteen
And that summer was the hottest it had ever been
We went walking just walking through those brown brick rows
Called the suburbs the only world that anyone there knows

You almost lost your balance walking the fence
One side was cold like ice the other hot like fire
Events spiralled just like some baltic ballet
And given half the chance to do it over could you
Do it again

Remember the joy we called eighteen
And that summer we were more drunk than we'd ever been
And the night time always heralded something new
And the only thing we needed was me and
Just me and you

Yea I was singing your tune
Every afteroon
I kept on singing your tune
Do you

Only you could love this
I got a gut when I sit down
It seems that you don't even care at all
And those summer tunes can make you forget almost anything you want to
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