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What Are You Waiting For ?

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There is this girl, she looks a lot like me
And all she does is think about you constantly
But she's too shy to ever let it show
And I think you know

Now just for fun,
Let's pretend that it's me,
And I'm everything you'll ever need

What are you waiting for?
Are you crazy?
Open up your eyes and see what's going on, baby
There's someone at your door
Her heart is racing
Come on and make your move
What are you waiting for baby?

Now here's a clue: her favorite color's blue
That's how she'll feel if she can't be with you
Cause you're the one who takes her breath away
When you look that way

So just for fun
Let's pretend that it's me
And I'm everything you'll ever need


I hear there's something good that waits for you
Check it out. It just might be true
There's so much more to her that meets the eye
You'll never know it if you don't try

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