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Dancing With the Mountains

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Ev'rybody's got the dancing fever
Ev'rybody loves to rock and roll.
Play it louder baby, play is faster,
Funky music's gotta stretch your soul.

Just relax and let the rhythm take you,
Don't you be afraid to lose control.
If your heart has found some empty spaces,
Dancin's just a thing to make you whole.

I am one who dances with the mountains.
I am one who dances in the wind,
I am one who dances on the ocean,
My partner's more than pieces, more than friends.

Were you there the night they lost the lightning?
Were you there the day the earth stood still?
Did you see the famous and the fighting?
Did you hear the prophet tell his tale?

We are one when dancing with the mountains,
We are one when singing in the wind,
We are one when thinking of each other
More then partner's much more than pieces, more than friends.
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