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Riding on a tradewind,
Filling my sails with a soft and southerly breeze.
Living on the ocean blue.
Dreaming of the islands,
Wrapping myself in a glow of the tropical moon.
I never shiver when the sun goes down.
All the earth she sings to me.
Every shallow, every tree.
Surely my love shining like the sea.
I can make you happy.
If I can I'll take you away on a wave in my arms.
Never leave you on the edge all alone.
If you feel like dancing,
Rolling like the water across my sleepless night,
Making me a peaceful place.
All my life to be with you,
All I ever want to do,
Knowing you are felling that way too .
Distant thunder, heavy seas,
Rocky Mountain memories.
Surely I was lost 'til I found these
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