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Drinking With You

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We work late and I pretend that I don't notice when you're next to me
But I do
I might be mistaken, but I sometimes get the feeling that you notice too
And I know this place that's near here
Quiet, dark and small
When we're finished here I think that I may want a beer, how about you?
It'd be nice to go out drinking with you

You would think that we've danced around each other long enough to know
Where to stand
And my heart stops in a panic when I think how it would feel to finally hold your hand
So we wait for this to happen
Or make it happen now
Either way I think that we should start off with a drink, maybe two
It'd be nice to go out drinking with you

No big deal, we can play it nice and cool and keep the pressure off
Invite our friends
And we'll have a few too many, we'll discreetly share a cab home when the evening ends
When we reach that awkward moment
Standing at your door
We won't even know cause we'll just smile and let it go and sail on through
It'd be nice to go out drinking with you
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