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World Gone Mad

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Mm mm locked up in a world of madness crying crying
Drifting to my paradise below
Darker than a crow of moonlight I'm flying flying
Blinded by the dreams that made me grow whoa oh
Halfway to the final station dying
Frozen is my will to play the game
All my life I've had rock and roll it took my soul
The melody was there to ease my pain yeah eah
And the road has been long and lonely
I've been stabbed by a thousand spears
My heart was never forgiven for the things I had to steal
In my mind I can feel the demon
I still long for what I've never had
How can this be the age of reason
When the world's gone mad and it's all so sad yeah eah
Lookin' back at my younger years all those unknown fears
In my life I have walked against the wind
See the cynical and lying people they taint your love with evil
But I won't give up I won't give in no oh
The road is long and lonely
Been pierced by a thousand spears
Our souls will never be forgiven all the lives we had to steal
Inside us we must face the demon
Why do we have to fight and die
Like soldiers out of season we'll never make it back alive
Whoa oh on the road of blood and sorrow
We are praying for tomorrow
You say your heart has never been broken
But what about your silent tears
Among us there's a raging demon always there to give us hell
This must be the age of treason where are we going
Who can tell who can tell somebody tell me
Who can tell who can tell oh yeah oh yeah
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