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I see a special magic
It's in my mind
A place where God is healing
And the devil's running blind
And washed away is sorrow
He flooded every soul
Embraced the world in glory
And took away the cold

They all could see him rise
Up to the angels that waited in the sky
Surrender did you and I

But it's all in fantasy
My visions not real
In a time of jealousy
There's no truth to reveal
Surrounded by madness
In a wolrd without hope
We're led by destruction
Captured as our souls

I feel a special sadness
It's in my life
Stung by a thousand spears
And coloured by the night
They all would watch him die
And everyone there just turned a blind eye
He surrendered for you and I

All it's all in fantasy
My visions so real
No more lies or jealousy
Only love shall reveal
Surrounded by happines
In a world full of joy
No more wars to be ended
Released as our souls

Mailbox full of bills to pay
Get up - get out and save your day
All the girls with Barbie curls
Where's the boy with wooden toys
They are surfing the net
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