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Blue Prelude

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Let me sigh, let me cry when I'm blue,
Let me go 'way from this lonely town.
Won't be long till my song will be true,
'Cause I know I'm on my last go round.

All the love I could steal, beg, or borrow
Wouldn't heal all this pain in my soul.
What is love but a cradle to sorrow,
With a heartbreak ahead for your goal.

here I go,
Now I know why I'm leaving,
Got the blues,
How can I lose?


  • Interpret Judy Garland Herečka a zpěvačka, která ztvárnila hlavní roli ve filmu Čaroděj ze země Oz (1939). Slavná písnička z filmu - Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead - posloužila jako …


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