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I know the spot, peaceful and fair,
I'd be so happy if I were there.
No matter where I'd chance to be,
Connecticut is the place for me.

Miss every lake, miss every hill,
Even in dreams I think of them still.
And when you see the new look green,
Connecticut is the place to be.

Village green and childhood scenes,
Are things I remember yes.

Land of dreams and moonlit streams,
How close to heaven can you get?

Nights full of stars, hearts full of joy,
Paradise for girl and a boy,
I guess it suits me to a tee,
Connecticut is the place for me to be,
Connecticut is the place for me.

It's such a great state, for a late date,
With a maid waiting just for you.

And every Yale guy, is a male guy,
Through and through.

It's an outstanding state!
It's never hum-drum, dating some chum,
With his arm strumming a guitar.

You'll find the chicks slicker,
And the Nicks' quicker by far.

It's such a great state!
It's spick and spanner than old Montana,
And Indiana can't rate.

The nights are longer,
And the men are stronger,
So linger longer and wait,
'Cause it's a great, great, great, great state.

Dined in Capri, thought it was swell,
Sampled some wine in a Naples hotel,
Though I was showed to road to Rome,
Connecticut still will be my home.

Italy was fun to see,
And really gave me quite a boon.
Had a spree in gay Paris,
Those mademoiselles were mighty cute-Trés zut!

Circled the globe, dozens of times,
Seen all it's wonders, known all it's climes,
I've searched it with a fine tooth comb,
And found that I only have one home, sweet home,
Connecticut wil always be my home, sweet home.


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